Hotel Icon Hong Kong – Suite 65 Full HD Review

Right in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, #Kowloon , Hotel ICON offers a #unique window on #Hong #Kong and the chance to experience this vibrant #city. You’ll find that Tsim Sha Tsui is a great place to stroll and enjoy stunning views of #Victoria #Harbour at night, especially during the ‘A Symphony of Lights’ show. Kowloon also houses the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and multiple museums celebrating Hong Kong's colonial history and culture. Well-known for being a shoppers’ paradise, Tsim Sha Tsui has endless shopping options as well as excellent restaurants and bars waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy the breathtaking views that Hong Kong has to offer - all from the comfort of your own room. Hotel ICON is just steps away from the #waterfront of Victoria Harbour, where you can enjoy the nightly ‘Symphony of Lights’ show as well as take in the dazzling #cityscape. If you prefer to see the Hong Kong skyline with authentic Cantonese cuisine, head over to Above & Beyond on level 28 for an award-winning dining experience. All of the sites and attractions close to Hotel ICON make it a great place for a weekend couples retreat at one the most romantic hotels in Hong Kong.

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